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Is it Free to Register?

Yes, registration is completely Free. You’ll also get a free trial to export up to 50 products from your eBay store to Amazon.

What do I need to do to Register?

There are 3 main steps:

Sign-Up- Enter your name and email address.

eBay- Login to your eBay account so we can start exporting your store to Amazon.

Amazon- Login to your Amazon account so we can upload your store to Amazon.

To which category on Amazon will my product be exported to?

Our algorithm will find the most suitable category for each product, in order to maximize product appearance on Amazon.

Are there any items that can’t be exported to Amazon?

Yes, items that are listed as auctions can’t be exported, due to the fact that Amazon only has “Fixed Price” sales.

Can an item with variations be exported?

Yes, we can export all variation kinds.

Do I need to attach barcodes to my items?

You can, but you don’t have to.

In categories where Amazon does require barcodes, if you didn’t attach one, we’ll attach a barcode that fits Amazon’s requirements- with no extra charge!

Which 50 items will be exported ?

We will randomly choose up to 50 items from you eBay store.

Can I customize my products?

Yes, for example you can choose custom search words, description, bullet points and much more…

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can request to delete your account at any time.

How are auction type listings handled?

Unlike eBay, Amazon is a fixed-price marketplace and auctions are not allowed.

When exporting from eBay to Amazon you’ll be faced with 2 choices for handling auctions:

1) Ignore auctions – Auctions will be ignored and won’t be exported to Amazon.

2) Export auctions – Our system will export auctions and list them on Amazon as fixed price listings.

The auction price on eBay will become the fixed price on Amazon (this price can be easily updated after the export, by the seller).

How are images handled during the export process?

The process of exporting items from eBay to Amazon is challenging at times. One of these challenges is exporting images. While sellers on eBay are allowed to upload images to their listings, or insert images into the description section of their listing, Amazon doesn’t allow this. Our system locates your item’s images on eBay (even if they are part of the description) and uploads them to Amazon during the export process.

How are descriptions handled during the export process?

While eBay allows to include images, graphics and HTML code in item descriptions, Amazon doesn’t. During the export we’ll strip HTML and other prohibited content from the description and only then export it to Amazon. we’ll also review your eBay descriptions and configure our system to automatically adjust the descriptions to fit Amazon requirements.

Do you support item variations like color, size, etc.?

We are supporting all kinds of item variations

Do my items require barcodes (UPC) for Amazon?

If you don’t have barcodes for your items, we’ll generate barcodes for you (Free of charge), which will meet Amazon’s requirements.

Which categories do you support?

We are supporting all eBay and Amazon categories.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

email: support@exportyourstore.com.

phone: (315)215-1563.